Other Animals

Learn how to fix the problems of any pet, fur or feathers

No matter the species or the issue, we are here to help fix it. Each animal is an individual, and receives a unique behaviour change plan that suits your household. The science of behaviour analysis ensures all training sessions are clear, effective, humane and most importantly enjoyable for you and your animal!

We have specific expertise in the following species:


Horse refuses to load? Wish she didn’t bite while you do up the girth? Curious about teaching movements at liberty? We can do it! A visit from a skilled trainer will rapidly tackle your problems, saving you precious time and effort. You will learn how to reach your horse’s mind and make him enthusiastic about your training goals, resulting in rapid success and stronger retention of learning.


Is your parrot biting, screaming or refusing to step up? Is your struggle with unwanted behaviour ruining your peaceful home environment? Or perhaps you’d like to teach your bird to fly to you when called for a safety net in case someone leaves a window open. Changing your feathered friend’s behaviour for the better is just one quick call away. Many problems stem from incorrect feeding methods, environmental set-up or the daily routine, and can be resolved in as little as a single session.

Green Cheek Conure on a rope boing

A well-trained parrot is a delight to own.

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